Helsinki Education Week

Virtual exchange program for primary and secondary school students. 

If you're a teacher or a principal who is enthusiastic about improving your students' 21st-century competencies, this is the right evert to attend. 

In this event, we will talk about IntegrateUs program. We aim to connect schools from all over the world to work together. Students (grades 4-9) get to engage in cultural topics, problem-solving and work on improving their communication skills with their counterparts overseas. Teachers also connect to organize study topics, assessments, conversations, and provide feedback. 

We have a network of schools in three countries, would your school be next on the list? 

reach out for more information, we're happy to hear from you :) 

Contact info



Date: 3.11.2020

Time: 10:00 - 11:30

Event type: Dialogue

Target group: Basic Education, Upper secondary school, Teachers, Leaders, International attendees, Educational entrepreneurs.


Contact person: Jaber Algayal


Phone number: +358449188904