Helsinki Education Week

Stadin AO presents: The Future is still in our hands. The Story of International Affairs since COVID

4.11.2020 kello 13:00 - 14:00 EET

Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute has four strategic expert teams that focus on supporting and reinforcing strategic goals in their own area of expertise. The teams are International Affairs, Educational Entrepreneurship, Customer Relations and Digital Learning team.

This webinar series introduces the teams and showcases their operational principles and pedagogical innovations.

Along with the rest of the world, The International Affairs team at Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute, faced a shocking situation in March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic began and it’s impact grew very quickly. Countries closed their borders and advised their citizens to return to their home countries. Although international affairs are much more than mobility of people, we were definitely facing a massive challenge.

A new way forward had to be found - at least for the time being. We started building new bridges and searching for new ways to connect with people in order to continue with our works in the international field. Some of the “future tools of international cooperation” - like virtual mobilities, blended learning or hybrid mobilities - became part of the present. These new ways of cooperation needed to be meaningful for the ones they were targeted for. Engaging people, from home and abroad, was the way we chose.

In this webinar, you are welcomed to follow our story on building bridges between people. International experts, teachers and students tell their stories from both our school and our international partner schools. Short videos, interviews and live stories will be presented showcasing how different parties became part of the bigger picture. You will learn through digital tools, ideas and from actual cases.

There is no end to this story, and together we must find new and innovative ways to deal with future challenges. ‘The show must go on’. How we do this can be discussed in more detail at the end of the session.


Päivä: 4.11.2020

Aika: 13:00 - 14:00

Tapahtuman tyyppi: Explore

Kohderyhmä: Lukio, Ammatillinen koulutus, Opettajat, Johtajat, Kansainväliset vieraat, Avoin tapahtuma, Yritykset.


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